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Multiplayer Tools 1.0.0 and earlier

[1.0.0] - 2022-06-27

Runtime Net Stats Monitor

  • Doc-comment fixes based on 1.0 release XML doc validation

[1.0.0-pre.8] - 2022-06-15

Runtime Net Stats Monitor

  • Clamping numerical values to acceptable limits for public APIs
  • Improve generated counter labels
  • Prevent an exception when there's only one sample
  • Added spacing between divider graph and axis number alignment
  • Reusing existing numerical labels when the value doesn't change or barely changed
  • Fix incorrect values for gauges in counter display elements using SMA
  • Ensure RNSM counters display 1 rather than 1,000 milli
  • Use infinity rather than float.Min for counter config bounds
  • Reduce vertices in graphs with large sample count

[1.0.0-pre.7] - 2022-04-27

Runtime Net Stats Monitor

This release adds the Runtime Net Stats Monitor (RNSM) to the Multiplayer Tools Package. This tool offers a configurable component for displaying various network stats in an on-screen display at runtime, including stats from the Netcode for GameObjects package, as well as custom, user-defined stats.

[1.0.0-pre.6] - 2022-02-28

Network Profiler

  • Changed NetworkMessage to use the name of the message in the Type column (#133)


  • Added throttling to event metric types (#142)
  • Added a system to generate random data for tests (#141)
  • Refactored underlying data structures to reduce redundancy (#146)
  • Dramatically reduced runtime allocations caused by dispatching metrics to the profiler by updating the serialization implementation to use native buffers instead of BinaryFormatter
  • Deprecated support for String when collecting metric payloads
  • Added RTT to server metrics (#192)
  • Added Packet count to metrics (#180)


  • Updated some internals exposed flags to enable some test improvements on NGO side

[1.0.0-pre.2] - 2021-10-19

  • Updated documentation files in preparation for publish

[1.0.0-pre.1] - 2021-08-18

Netcode Profiler

This release adds the Netcode Profiler to the Multiplayer Tools Package. This tool is used to inspect the network activity of Netcode for GameObjects.

Activity Section

  • View detailed metrics about custom messages, scene transitions, and server logs
  • View activity related to individual game objects, including network variable updates, rpcs, spawn and destroy events, and ownership changes

Messages Section

  • View the raw messages that are being sent to the transport interface

Other Usability

  • Connect to built players to inspect netcode activity remotely
  • Filter results by name, type, number of bytes, and network direction
  • Correlate network objects in the profiler with objects in the scene hierarchy
  • View key metrics in graph form in the profiler charts