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Porting from client-hosted to DGS - Introduction


This is part one of the Porting from client-hosted to dedicated server-hosted series.

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You might have started developing your game with client-hosted in mind but then realized it wasn’t giving you the performance, reliability, or security you wanted. There are multiple reasons for choosing both a dedicated game server (DGS) solution and a client-hosted solution. This document provides guidance around switching from a client-hosted game to a dedicated-server game in Unity using Netcode for GameObjects (NGO).

There are two distinct meanings of the word “host” that you must take caren't to confuse: the NGO host and the hardware host.

  • The NGO host is where both a client and a server run simultaneously. The hosting provider (the hardware host) runs your Unity server build.
  • The hardware host (virtual or bare-metal) runs your Unity server build in a data center or hosting provider.

In this article, host refers to the NGO host.

Support and resources

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