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About Unity Transport

The Unity Transport package (com.unity.transport) is a low-level networking library for multiplayer game development.

It’s the underlying protocol of both Netcode for GameObjects and Netcode for Entities, but you can also use it with a custom solution.

Unity Transport seamlessly supports all platforms the Unity Engine supports thanks to a connection-based abstraction layer (built-in network driver) provided over UDP and WebSockets.

You can set up both UDP and WebSockets with or without encryption. The following illustration shows encrypted connections with a closed padlock and unencrypted connections with an open padlock.

Block diagram

You can also use pipelines to leverage additional functionality, such as reliability, packet ordering, and packet fragmentation.

Get started with Unity Transport

See the Installation guide if you’re new to Unity Transport. If you’re upgrading from a earlier version of Unity Transport, see Migrating from 1.X. Check the Compatibility with Unity Editor versions table to ensure your Editor version is compatible with Transport 2.X or 1.X.

Main Features of Transport 2.0

  • Addition of WebGL: Transport package can now be used for all Unity Engine supported platforms.
  • Transport users now have access to our Websocket transport implementation, with or without TLS. It is supported on every platform as Client or Server and for WebGL as Client only.
  • Players on the go can now benefit from a transparent network migration, typically across cell towers. The feature is currently limited to client side and for UDP transport.
  • The integration with Relay more is straightforward thanks to a new set of API that are now abstracting some boiler plate code.
  • Added support for com.unity.logging package. If the package is installed, logs will go through its default logger instead of the classic UnityEngine.Debug mechanism.

Compatibility with Unity Editor versions

Based on your Unity Editor Version

Unity Editor VersionTransport 1.XTransport 2.X
2020 LTSYesNo
2021 LTSYesNo
2022.2 and LTSYesYes

Based on your Netcode Solution working with Transport

Unity Editor VersionNetcode for GameObjects 1.2.0 +Netcode for Entities 1.0.0 +Custom Solutions
2020 LTSTransport 1.XN/ATransport 1.X
2021 LTSTransport 1.XN/ATransport 1.X
2022.2 and LTSTransport 1.XTransport 2.XTransport 2.X
NextTransport 2.XTransport 2.XTransport 2.X

Next, check out Create a simple client and server and the Unity Transport sample projects.

Requirements for Unity Transport 2.X

  • Install Unity Editor version 2022.2 or later.
  • Install the com.unity.transport package.

WebGL only supports Unity Transport WebSocket connections in client mode.


Unity Transport (the com.unity.transport package) is separate from the NetworkTransport abstraction in Netcode for GameObjects.