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Enable Virtual Players

In Play mode, you only have the default main Editor Player to test your gameplay. By adding the Multiplayer Play Mode (MPPM) package, you can enable up to three additional Virtual Players to the Play mode for a total of four Players.


You can only attach tag to inactive Players (including the main Editor Player). If you plan to use tag, create and configure your tags first.

Enable a Virtual Player


You must enable your Virtual Players before entering Play mode.

To enable Virtual Players for Play mode,

  1. In the Unity Editor, open the MPPM window by navigating to Window > Multiplayer Play Mode.
  2. If you want to use tag for any of your Players, select the tag from the Tag dropdown associated with each Player. tag can only be added to inactive Players before entering Play mode.
  3. Select the checkbox for each virtual player (Player 2, Player 3, or Player 4) you want to add to Play mode.
  4. Wait for the Player status to change from inactive to active for each virtual player you selected.
  5. Once active, the Virtual Player(s) appear in Play mode in the main Editor Player window. A separate window opens for each enabled Player with the Player name as the window title.

Next Steps

To understand how Multiplayer Play Mode works with Play mode, refer to Synchronize with Play mode.