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Install Multiplayer Play Mode

To begin testing your multiplayer functionality, you must first install Multiplayer Play Mode (MPPM).


To install MPPM, you must have:

  • Unity Editor version 2023.1 or later
  • An active Project in your Unity Hub

Install the MPPM package

  1. Open your Unity Hub and select the Project your are presently working on.
  2. In the editor's menu bar, navigate to Window > Package Manager.
  3. Click the plus sign plus sign in the Package Manager status bar and select Add package by name....
  4. Enter com.unity.multiplayer.playmode in the pop-up window and select Add.
  5. Once the download is complete, Multiplayer Play Mode appears under Unity Technologies in your Package Manager window.
  6. To open the MPPM window, navigate to Window > Multiplayer Play Mode.

Next Steps

You can now access and configure your Virtual Players and their tags.