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Learning with Golden Path

The Hello World/Golden Path series is meant to guide you through the Netcode installation and implement some of the basic features of Netcode. They also provide a way to test if your installation and feature implementations are correct.

You should start with the Hello World guide as the base before moving to Golden Path One and Golden Path Two.

Future plans for Hello World and Golden Paths

We are planning to revamp the Hello World and Golden Paths series to be far more useful. For users that have used these docs in the past may have noticed a lot of repetition between the Golden Paths and Hello World tutorials, this first phase was to make the Hello World and Golden Paths more cohesive and remove the repetition.

Next steps will likely involve the existing Golden Path series to be completely part of Hello World as a series, and the Golden Path series become a completely different experience that is more use case focused and more relatable to the game building experience.