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Code Monkey tutorial videos

Code Monkey has a Multiplayer Unity Networking tutorial video that teachs various concepts of Netcode for GameObjects. Learn more about Code Monkey and his Youtube channel, and don't forget to click the Subscribe button.

This Unity Multiplayer video tutorial teaches you how to use Unity's Netcode For GameObjects to create a multiplayer game.

Video published Sept 26, 2022

This video covers

  • Getting Started with Unity Multiplayer (Netcode for Game Objects)
  • Installing Netcode for Game Objects
  • NetworkManager
  • Unity Transport
  • Creating the Player
  • NetworkObject
  • Assigning the PlayerPrefab and NetworkPrefab List
  • First Quick Test
  • What is Server, Host, Client
  • Creating UI Buttons
  • NetworkManagerUI
  • Set Verbose Logging
  • Optional: Add Quantum Console to easily read the logs
  • Making a Build
  • Testing Host and Client
  • PlayerNetwork Script, Movement, NetworkBehaviour
  • NetworkTransform
  • Server-Client Authoritative, Ownership
  • ClientNetworkTransform
  • NetworkVariable
  • NetworkVariable with Custom Data Type, INetworkSerializable
  • ServerRpc
  • ClientRpc
  • Spawning and Despawning Network Objects
  • NetworkAnimator
  • Multiplayer Tools Package
  • How to Connect to a IP
  • Online Multiplayer Issues, Port Forwarding, NAT Punchthrough
  • Unity Gaming Services (UGS), Relay, Lobby, Matchmaker, Multiplay
Community Contribution

Code Monkey for the video tutorials! These contributions are a fantastic help to the community.