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Limiting the maximum number of players

Netcode for Gameobjects (Netcode) provides a way to customize the connection approval process that can reject incoming connections based on any number of user-specific reasons.

Boss Room provides one example of how to handle limiting the number of players through the connection approval process:

Boss Room provides an example of such delegate


The code below shows an example of an over-capacity check that would prevent more than a certain pre-defined number of players from connecting.

if( m_Portal.NetManager.ConnectedClientsIds.Count >= CharSelectData.k_MaxLobbyPlayers )
return ConnectStatus.ServerFull;

In connection approval delegate Netcode doesn't support an ability to send anything more than a Boolean back.

Boss Room shows a way to offer meaningful error code to the client by invoking a client RPC in the same channel that Netcode uses for its connection callback.

When using Relay, ensure the maximum number of peer connections allowed by the host satisfies the logic implemented in the connection approval delegate.