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Dilmer Valecillos NGO Tutorial Videos

Dilmer Valecillos teaches various concepts about Netcode for GameObjects in the following video tutorials. Learn more about Dilmer Valecillos and his Youtube channel, and don't forget to click the Subscribe button.


These tutorials use Unity v2021.1, and Netcode for GameObjects 1.0.0 prerelease.

This Unity Multiplayer tutorial will teach you how to implement connection approval so that clients have to send the correct password to be able to connect to the server.

Video published 14th Nov 2021

This Unity Multiplayer tutorial will teach you how to implement:

  • NetworkVariable types and how to use them
  • Network Transforms to synchronize player position across the network
  • Synchronization of Player HUD over many clients
  • Player client controller and Network Behaviors
  • How and why should you use ServerRpc (Remote Procedure Calls)

Video published 15th Nov 2021

Dilmer takes a look at the Network Animator component and how you can synchronise animation states with other clients connected to the server or client-host. Features covered:

  • NetworkAnimator component
  • NetworkVariables Vector3 and permissions
  • NetworkVariables with enum type for player state
  • Using CharacterController to control the player
  • Using ServerRpc to keep track of player state
  • Animation state based on NetworkVariable player state

Video published 15th Nov 2021

Dilmer looks at how to set up multiplayer capabilities available over the internet

  • Setting up Relay server through Unity Services
  • Adding Unity Relay and Unity Transport UDP packages
  • Adding a new multiplayer relay scene with the Unity Transport in the NetworkManager
  • Creating a RelayManager singleton to create a Relay allocation and also provide a join code to clients connecting via relay

Video published 25th Nov 2021

For project files access, check out the repository here:

Community Contribution

Thank you to Dilmer Valecillos and his Youtube channel for the video tutorials! These contributions are a fantastic help to the community.