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Netcode for GameObjects (Netcode) Error Messages

Learn more about Unity error messages, including error collecting, issues that cause them, and how to handle.

Error Capturing

Error messages are captured and returned through Unity Editor Diagnostics (required) and Roslyn Analyzers.

  • Unity ILPP and Editor errors are the source of truth. ILPP occurs in Unity and returns error messages, which prevents you from building/playing your game (hard compile errors).
  • Roslyn Analyzers offer immediate feedback within the IDE, without jumping back to Unity to let it compile with your new changes.

NetworkObject errors


  • Can't find pending soft sync object. Is the projects the same? UnityEngine.Debug:LogError(Object)
  • ArgumentNullException: Can't spawn null object Parameter name: netObject

This exception should only occur if your scenes aren't the same, for example if the scene of your server has a NetworkObject which isn't present in the client scene. Verify the scene objects work correctly by entering playmode in both editors.

ServerRPC errors


  • Server: [Netcode] Only owner can invoke ServerRPC that is marked to require ownership
  • Host: KeyNotFoundException: The given key wasn't present in the dictionary.

The ServerRPC should only be used on the server. Make sure to add isServer check before calling.

If the call is added correctly but still returns a nullreferenceexception, NetworkManager.Singleton may be returning null. Verify you created the GameObject with a NetworkManager component, which handles all initialization. NetworkManager.Singleton is a reference to a instance of the NetworkManager component.