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Relevancy (Scope)

Relevancy, or scope, indicates if the object or data is important to you. it's often used as part of systems that deal with the realities of limited bandwidth.

Spatial Relevance

  • Distance from player: How many units away is this object from the networked player
  • Static Zones: Predefined areas of a game world, where a player typically only finds objects within their same zone or adjacent zones as relevant. Examples would be a room, building, or town.
  • View Frustum: If it's in the camera’s view it’s relevant. If it's behind me, it isn't.
  • Instances: Static zones which can be instantiated/copied multiple times. Example would be a dungeon raid.

Gameplay Relevance

  • Interaction: Have I, or am I likely about to, interact with a gameplay element. For example, a grenade I threw far away.
  • Objective: Critical gameplay elements which need constant awareness. For example, a player carrying a flag across the map in CTF.