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Complete Unity Multiplayer Tutorial (Netcode for Game Objects)

This Unity Multiplayer video tutorial will teach you use Unity's Netcode For GameObjects to create a multiplaer game.

Video published Sept 26, 2022

This video covers

  • Getting Started with Unity Multiplayer (Netcode for Game Objects)
  • Installing Netcode for Game Objects
  • NetworkManager
  • Unity Transport
  • Creating the Player
  • NetworkObject
  • Assigning the PlayerPrefab and NetworkPrefab List
  • First Quick Test
  • What is Server, Host, Client
  • Creating UI Buttons
  • NetworkManagerUI
  • Set Verbose Logging
  • Optional: Add Quantum Console to easily read the logs
  • Making a Build
  • Testing Host and Client
  • PlayerNetwork Script, Movement, NetworkBehaviour
  • NetworkTransform
  • Server-Client Authoritative, Ownership
  • ClientNetworkTransform
  • NetworkVariable
  • NetworkVariable with Custom Data Type, INetworkSerializable
  • ServerRpc
  • ClientRpc
  • Spawning and Despawning Network Objects
  • NetworkAnimator
  • Multiplayer Tools Package
  • How to Connect to a IP
  • Online Multiplayer Issues, Port Forwarding, NAT Punchthrough
  • Unity Gaming Services, Relay, Lobby, Mathmaker, Multiplay
Community Contribution

Code Monkey for the video tutorials! These contributions are a fantastic help to the community.