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Install Transport

Follow these instructions to install Com.Unity.Transport.


You need Unity Editor version 2020.1.2f1 or later.

Install Transport#

  1. Open the Unity Editor.

  2. Create a new Project.

  3. Open the Unity Package Manager by navigating to Window > Package Manager on Unity’s main menu.

  4. Click Add in the status bar.

    You have the following options:

    • Add package from disk...
    • Add package from tarball...
    • Add package from git URL...

    Select Git URL Option

  5. Select Add package from git URL...

  6. Enter the Git URL to the release package. For the latest version use the following. It loads as Unity Transport.


If you encounter errors, report an issue with the Unity Bug Reporter or on the forums.

Preview Packages

To include preview packages in the Package Manager, select the Gear Icon then Advanced Project Settings. Select the Enable Preview Packages option and approve the message that displays. Enable Preview Packages