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Boss Room Small Scale Co-op Sample 1.2.0-pre+

The Boss Room: Small Scale Co-op Sample v1.2.0-pre is a pre-release release for Multiplayer Samples Co-op.

It requires and supports Unity v2020.3 LTS and Netcode for GameObjects (Netcode) v1.2.0-pre. For additional information on Netcode, see the changelog and release notes for the Unity Netcode package.

ProductVersionStatusRelease DateSupported Unity Versions
Boss Room: Small Scale Co-op Sample1.2.0-prePre-ReleaseApril 28, 2022v2020.3 LTS

Boss Room: Small Scale Co-op Sample always requires the latest version of Unity Netcode. See Unity Netcode for more information on those features, fixes, and known issues.

[1.2.0-pre] - 2022-04-28#


  • Bump to pre.8 and fix compile issues [MTT-3413] (#631) --> Custom message structs now need new interfaces
  • Client network transform move to samples [MTT-3406] (#629) --> You can now use Boss Room's Utilities package to import ClientNetworkTransform using this line in your manifest file
    "": "",
  • In-game message feed [MTT-2678][MTT-2318] (#601) --> Displays in-game events, including networked events
  • Networked message channel (#605) --> To support message feed



  • Fixed Z Fighting of Floor Tiles Near Edge of Main Boss Room (#616)
  • SceneBootstrapper detects and allows TestRunner launches (#483)
  • Removed feature to set all players unready in char select when a player leaves or joins (#625)
  • Removed setting disconnect reason to UserRequested on clients entering post-game (#626)
  • Disallowing portait orientation for auto rotation (#627)
  • Chore: removing QoS (#623) --> waiting for official release