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Boss Room Small Scale Co-op Sample 1.0.0-pre+

The Boss Room: Small Scale Co-op Sample v1.0.0-pre is a pre-release release for Multiplayer Samples Co-op.

It requires and supports Unity v2020.3 LTS and Netcode for GameObjects (Netcode) v1.0.0-pre. For additional information on Netcode, see the changelog and release notes for the Unity Netcode package.

ProductVersionStatusRelease DateSupported Unity Versions
Boss Room: Small Scale Co-op Sample1.0.0-prePre-ReleaseOctober 21, 2021v2020.3 LTS

Boss Room: Small Scale Co-op Sample always requires the latest version of Unity Netcode. See Unity Netcode for more information on those features, fixes, and known issues.

[1.0.2-pre] - 2022-02-09#


  • New session manager to allow reconnection (#361)
  • Adding utilities asmdef, accessible as reusable Unity Package (#404)
  • Min spec Android setup for Boss Room (#429)
  • Additive scene loading (#425)
  • Cancel during join or host (#428)
  • Disconnect/quit button (#432)
  • Boss Room actions are all now faster with game design tweaks (#436)
  • Update to NGO 1.0.0-pre.5 (#456)
  • Adding on screen warning when using simulated latency (#412)
  • Port to URP (#371)
  • Button to copy room name to clipboard (#431)
  • Character run smoke particle optimization (#426)
  • Cheat window (#444)
  • Player hierarchy QoL updates, anim event listener added for player anim events (#411)


  • Added transition between “Action - Boss Trample” and “(Trample Stop)” (#437)
  • Changed ready button text to UNREADY when player is locked in (#413)
  • Arrows despawning error while switching scenes (#406)
  • Arrows not spawning on second play-through on client side (#394)
  • Cheat window toggling on mobile
  • Hitpoint depletion inconsistency with clamped values (#454)
  • Host name not showing (#442)
  • Improving UI during connection flow (#415)
  • Join code not displayed for clients using Unity Relay (#433)
  • NGO-pre.3 asset fixes for NetworkAnimator (#400)
  • Pathfinding issues with doors (#407)
  • Re-enabling positional smoothing on graphics GameObject (#417)
  • Removing workaround for NGO issue 745 (#419)
  • Replace MLAPI references with NGO (#410)
  • Smooth host movement cleanup (#439)
  • Fixed a bug involving the NetworkObjectPool’s GlobalObjectIdHash (#405)
  • Fixed missing Boss Room title in the main menu screen for Mac builds (same fix as before, but this time for the URP version of the main menu) (#403)
  • Visual Adjustments for Boss Room (#408)
  • Invincibility counter reset on cancel, animator invincibility parameter reset (#409)
  • Reduced default master volume value (#445)
  • Removed room name textbox when using IP-based connection (#418)
  • Removed the !IsConnectedClient condition for handling client disconnect (#435)
  • Replaced instance of PostGameState prefab inside PostGame scene to fix malformed GlobalObjectIdHash (#443)
  • Updating Toon Shader to Shader Graph (#414)
  • Fix/randomly rotate breakable pots #472
  • Deleted an overlapping object #471
  • Fix: Background missing in Post Game scene #470
  • Fixed a broken material ref on boss pillars #469


  • Updated Relay to latest (#474)
  • Updated IET package version to 2.1.1 (#422)
  • Bumped Unity LTS version (#396)
  • Updating photon to latest (#402)
  • Updated char select background prefab (#416)

Known Issues#

  • NetworkTransform overflow exception
  • Successive game sessions may cause a duplication of in-scene placed NetworkObjects
  • Photon get increasing RTT when too much bandwidth
  • When joining w/ photon relay, text should display “”Join code”" and not “”IP host”"
  • Client needs a reboot to join a match after a previous game using photon
  • Have better error message when getting rate limited by Relay
  • Possible to get phantom players in Boss Room, we were 6 players, but got 8 players in the char select (hard to repro)
  • In-scene placed imps not spawning on clients when late-joining with multiple additive scenes loaded
  • Additive scene loading produces a CPU spike
  • Rare client can’t write to NetVar error with additive scene loading and late join
  • High latency (1 sec RTT) will produce null ref after char select
  • When start host fails, we shouldn’t go to char select screen
  • Dead imps spawn as if still alive for clients who join late
  • When reconnecting, the player has a big teleport to it’s old position
  • Rogue can teleport to top of column
  • Bringing up cheats screen on touchscreens should not invoke any game-side actions
  • Join with Unity Relay with empty join code throws exception
  • heal not consistent, sometimes will not see health bar move
  • Null ref in UnityEngine.Camera.WorldToScreenPoint (and other?)
  • Wrong anticipation animations played on client
  • With high lag, camera jitter was observed when rotating
  • While running, character plays hit react animation but doesn’t get HP decrease
  • Game can be initiated while a second player is connecting to host in CharSelect
  • Rogue looks like it’s still dashing after teleport
  • Top of door shouldn’t be clickable/traversable

[1.0.1-pre] - 2021-11-18#


  • Updated Photon version
  • Ported the game to URP
  • Updated to Unity 2020.3.21f1
  • Updated Boss Room banner image
  • Small update to platform support on the readme
  • Replace MLAPI references with NGO
  • Adding utilities asmdef.
  • Visual improvements:
    • Touched up the character select background prefab
    • A matte around the border of the map to block the camera from seeing lava, edges of meshes, particles, etc
    • Lighting changes and optimizations
    • Reduced number of realtime lights to 4 (from 27)
    • Baked 3x1024 and 1x128 lightmaps (about 4MB), these are for area lights to make the lava glow more convincing
    • Added little blob shadows to characters (a plane with a transparent soft black circle attached to the physics object in the character prefab)
    • Changed the lights for the enemy spawners from point lights to spot lights (still not shadow casting)
    • Rotated all of the little pots to be in different directions so they don't look so copy-pasted
    • Tightened radii of the torch lights and reduced the amount of realtime lights for each torch from 2 to 1
    • Also added a couple of extra torches
    • Upped the contrast and adjusted the ambient lighting of the scene to be a more saturated blue


  • Fixed pathfinding issues with doors
  • Invincibility counter reset on cancel, animator invincibility parameter reset
  • Changed ready button text to UNREADY when player is locked in
  • Fixed arrows despawning error while switching scenes
  • Fixed a bug involving the NetworkObjectPool's GlobalObjectIdHash
  • Fixed missing Boss Room title in the main menu screen for mac builds (same fix as before, but this time for the URP version of the main menu)
  • NGO-pre.3 asset fixes for NetworkAnimator
  • Fixed arrows not spawning on second playthrough on client side

[1.0.0-pre] - 2021-10-21

New features and changes#

This release includes the following new features:

  • Player persistence hierarchical modifications to Netcode's Player Prefab
  • Radio button introduced for main menu UX improvements (default is still IP)
  • Archer's base attack & charged shot 1-3 replicated via NetworkTransform
  • NetworkTransform handles players' movement syncing
  • Adding ParrelSync and updating third party
  • NetworkAnimator added to boss door & floor switch with server-authority
  • Integrating Unity Transport and Relay into Boss Room
  • Updated image in the UnityLogo prefab with the new Unity logo
  • NetworkObject pool (arrows are pooled)
  • Server-authoritative character NetworkAnimator

And the following changes:

  • Collider and Layer cleanup & optimizations
  • Photon Transport send queue batch size incremented to 8192
  • OnNetworkSpawn() refactoring, player prefab removed from NetworkManager prefab list
  • Netcode rebranding
  • Added link to bitesize samples
  • Update compatible Unity version in Readme
  • Renaming connection methods in main menu
  • Updated Animations to use an additional anticipation animation, to properly work with NetworkAnimator
  • Updated actions to latest NetworkAnimator APIs


This release includes the following fixes:

  • A Netcode soft sync error on cleanup between scene transitions previously broke the game. For example imps did not spawn and pots were intangible.
  • Sometimes after completing a match and the host starts a new match from the Victory or Loss screen, connected players had no visible interactions to join or select characters.
  • Sometimes the client may have been disconnected from Photon which caused a timeout and PhotonRealtimeTransport to be in a bad state after the shutdown. An exception developed that fired every frame.

Known issues#

  • The game can be initiated while a second player is connecting to the host in CharSelect. Players may join without selected characters spawning and in an unresponsive state.
  • The game may not transition completely into the game scene past the character select screen on lower-end Android devices.
  • This version currently includes a patched NetworkAnimator. This will be reverted back once this patch goes live in Netcode for GameObjects

Learn more#

See Getting Started with Boss Room to install and get started with Boss Room.