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Unity Multiplayer What's New

Here are the new high-level features and changes for each release. For a detailed change list, see the release notes for each section.

2022 - December#

Netcode for GameObjects#



Boss Room#


2022 - March#

For our March 2022 UTP 1.0.0 release, the following major features were released:


  • Multi-platform, custom-wrapped UDP based transport
  • Event-driven design
  • Network Pipelines Framework including pipelines for:
    • Reliability
    • Sequencing
    • Fragmentation
    • Network Condition Simulation
  • Scheduled Jobs support for multi-threading
  • End-to-end encryption support via DTLS
  • Unity Relay support
  • Huffman encoded datastreams
  • Support for raw, bit-level read and writes from the datastream
  • Keep-alive heartbeat message support

See the UTP Transport install guide to install Unity transport with your project.

See the Transport changelog for all release notes and information for Unity Transport. Transport specific Netcode implementations are documented in the Netcode release notes.

2021 - October#

For our October 2021 release, the following major features were released:

Netcode for GameObjects (Netcode)#

v1.0.0 Netcode pre-release supports Unity versions 2020.3 and later

Use the Netcode install guide for your first installation of Netcode and follow the upgrade guide if you are transitioning from MLAPI 0.1.0 to Netcode 1.0.0.

About Experimental Releases

For Unity experimental releases:

  • Expect breaking API changes - using this early has risks! See release notes for extensive information and links to additional content.
  • Expect no SLA on timeline to ship patches and fixes to releases, as we are still establishing our test and release cadence.
  • Expect these releases to move towards a fuller Release.
  • Expect us to answer questions for early adopters on Discord and Forums. We welcome all feedback and issues logged!

Known Issues for this Release#

  • The first time you install Netcode and UTP together, you may get an error. UTP has Burst as a dependency that requires you to restart your editor to properly enable.
  • To implement NetworkSerialize functionality, you may need to override WriteField/WriteDelta/ReadField/ReadDelta as a current workaround.


We added profiler support for Netcode. The new network profiler modules enables you to inspect detailed information about the network activity performed on a given frame.

To install the tools package in your project, see the install tools guide.

Boss room#

The Boss Room Co-Op Sample is now in pre-release and requires Unity 2020.3 LTS and Netcode 1.0.0-pre.

New Features#

  • Player persistence hierarchical modifications to Netcode's Player Prefab
  • Archer's base attack & charged shot 1-3 replicated via NetworkTransform
  • NetworkTransform handles players' movement syncing
  • Adding ParrelSync
  • NetworkAnimator added to boss door & floor switch with server-authority
  • Integrating Unity Transport and Relay into Boss Room
  • NetworkObject pool (arrows are pooled)
  • Server-authoritative character NetworkAnimator

Use the Boss Room install guide to start using Boss Room today!


Boss Room: Small Scale Co-op Sample always requires the latest version of Netcode.

About Pre-release

This project release is available for use. Support for this release is limited. We recommend asking questions and connecting with development through the #dev-samples channel on the Netcode Discord.


See the Bitesize Samples changelog for all release information on these projects.

Use the BiteSize install guide to begin using the different BiteSize sample projects.


See the Documentation changelog for major updates to content and site development.