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Documentation Changelog

Learn more about on-going major updates in Multiplayer documentation, contribution, and site enhancements.

Documentation updates#

The changelog tracks major changes to documentation, such as removed pages, added content, and significant rewriting. Minor changes are not tracked, but can be reviewed through closed pull requests.

New ContentMay 2021Added in-development content for MLAPI and Transport, including release notes and installation guides. All in-progress content is available through a develop version on the site.
New ContentMay 2021Added Unity Transport and versioned content.
New ContentApril 2021Released Bitesize Samples content.
New ContentApril 2021Enhanced getting started content in Hello World and Golden Path tutorials.
New ContentApril 2021Released Boss Room content.
New ContentMarch 2021Numerous new sections of content have been added to support new MLAPI features for v0.1.0 and community feedback.

Site enhancements#

The following changelog notes important feature and tooling updates for the site. Weekly maintenance updates are not tracked through this changelog.

Upgraded DocusaurusMay 2021Upgraded to Docusaurus Beta.
Includes AddedApril 2021Added capability to use includes for variables, reused content by sentence or entire files.
VersioningApril 2021Versioning added to the site, including multi-instances for non-versioned content.
Site LiveMarch 2021Initial Unity Multiplayer documentation site released live to the public. Features include content, blog, embedded GitHub code support, embedded video support, feedback per page, edit viewed page, and light/dark mode. Algolia search implemented. For details, see our blog.