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Template - Name of page

Copy this file located in /reference/templates folder in the repository or cloned local files. In the /versioned_docs folder, paste it in a version folder and location. This file contains the minimum code needed to write content. For extensive Markdown features, see Markdown Guide and Code.

Write a quick introduction. Answer the following questions in it: what is this (feature, code example), what does it solve, what is the result?


Optional: If this is an install, set of instructions, or feature guide, you may need to list what is required, such as versions, tools, configurations, and sample code.

Section of content#

Write about the feature, task, or anything else that may be helpful using an H2.

You can add code samples:

Code Example
Some code here!

Sub section#

If you need to add smaller sections or break up instructions, use an H3.

To write instructions, add a numbered list using 1. for each line:

  1. Open the project in Unity.
  2. Click Menu > Item > Option and select a Feature.

To add an image, save the .png or .jpg to the /static/img folder. For example:

Image alt text