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API Overview

The Netcode for GameObjects (Netcode) API reference provides information for availble classes, methods, delegates, and more for the com.unity.netcode.gameobjectspackage.

Content Licenses

All Netcode code and documentation is covered by MIT license. See Licenses for more information.


All content is generated from source code using tools including DocFX and custom filters with Pandoc to convert to Markdown. See Document your code with XML comments for guidance and examples. DocFX generates documentation using these comments.

To document APIs, developers should add comments in code. For example:

namespace Unity.Netcode.Collections
/// <summary>
/// Queue with a fixed size
/// </summary>
/// <typeparam name="T">The type of the queue</typeparam>
public sealed class FixedQueue<T>
private readonly T[] queue;
private int queueCount = 0;
private int queueStart;

/// <summary>
/// The amount of enqueued objects
/// </summary>
public int Count { get => queueCount; }

/// <summary>
/// Gets the element at a given virtual index
/// </summary>
/// <param name="index">The virtual index to get the item from</param>
/// <returns>The element at the virtual index</returns>
public T this[int index]