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Delegate type called when connection has been approved. This only has to be set on the server.

public delegate void ConnectionApprovedDelegate(bool createPlayerObject, uint? playerPrefabHash, bool approved, Vector3? position, Quaternion? rotation);
System.BooleancreatePlayerObjectIf true, a player object will be created. Otherwise the client will have no object.
System.Nullable\<System.UInt32>playerPrefabHashThe prefabHash to use for the client. If createPlayerObject is false, this is ignored. If playerPrefabHash is null, the default player prefab is used.
System.BooleanapprovedWhether or not the client was approved
System.Nullable\<Vector3>positionThe position to spawn the client at. If null, the prefab position is used.
System.Nullable\<Quaternion>rotationThe rotation to spawn the client with. If null, the prefab position is used.