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Learning with MLAPI Introduction

These sections are intended to help guide you through the features of MLAPI, they will provide examples of how MLAPI implements common Multiplayer features. We will continue to add and update this section with more materials as we grow MLAPI.


You do not have to have completed either of the Hello World tutorials to complete this one, however, if you are new to Unity then we recommended that you complete them in order to familiarise yourself with Unity.

You should start by following the GoldenPath Foundation Module then move on to the other modules which contain areas that interest you. Some of the modules are built on top of the Foundation Module others are stand alone. for those that are built on the Foundation Module we will recommend creating a clone of that project.


In the context of software or information modelling, a Golden Path (sometimes called happy path) is a default scenario featuring no exceptional or error conditions.


These tutorials requires an MLAPI-supported version of Unity (2019.4+).

Creating a new project
Installing MLAPI
Creating and testing the basic networking building blocks
Adding scripts to objects
Editor modes (Host Server and Client)
Basic player movement
Basic RPC use
Network variables (client and server-controlled)
Network transforms
More on RPCs