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The position and rotation of a NetworkObject is normally only synchronized when that object is spawned. To synchronize position, rotation, and scale at realtime during the game, a NetworkTransform component is needed. NetworkTransform synchronizes the transform of the GameObject it's attached to. This replicates that data to all other players.

While NetworkTransform works out of the box for simple position synchronization, it is not a one size fits all solution. In case you experience stuttering with NetworkTransform, you can try enabling interpolation, increasing Fixed Sends Per Second, and decreasing Thresholds values.


You can have multiple NetworkTransform components on child objects of your network object to synchronize individual positions of child objects.


When enabled, extrapolation estimates the time between when a tick advances in server-side animation and the update of the frame completes on the client-side. The game object extrapolates the next frame's values based on the ratio.


Interpolation creates a smooth object transition by using two known, historical positions to predict an object's path during the interval between receiving and updating positional data for that object. This is a buffer for the network to sync between object input and rendering, and reduces object jitter or position snapping.