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Custom Transports

The MLAPI uses Unity’s UNet Transport Layer API by default and has support for custom Transports.

A Transport collects messages from the application and transmits them over the network. The Transport layer is also responsible for making sure that all packets arrive and that they arrive in order if needed. Transports also make sure that your data won't get corrupted when it's sent over the network.

Community Contribution#

The MLAPI supports community contributions for Transport implementations. See the MLAPI Community Contributions repository to learn more.

To use a Transport, follow the Community Transport Installation Guide.

Writing Your Own#

To get started writing Transport interfaces, the current implementations for UNet Transport Layer API, ENET, and Ruffles are good starting points for learning their flow. If you write a wrapper for a well-known Transport, please open a PR to add it to the MLAPI Community Contribution repository.

Adding New Content#

Check our contribution guidelines for information on how to contribute to the MLAPI Community Contribution repository.