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Unity Multiplayer Release Notes

This section includes release notes, hotfixes, and updates for all Unity Multiplayer releases. This information includes Unity MLAPI, tools, samples co-op code (Boss Room), and this documentation site. Learn more about new features, updates, bug fixes, known issues, and upgrades by version.

Unity MLAPI#

See the following release notes for Unity MLAPI.

About Experimental

For Unity experimental releases:

  • Expect breaking API changes - using this early has risks! See release notes for extensive information and links to additional content.
  • Expect no SLA on timeline to ship patches and fixes to releases, as we are still establishing our test and release cadence.
  • Expect these releases to move towards a fuller Release.
  • Expect us to answer questions for early adopters on Discord and Forums. We welcome all feedback and issues logged!

Boss Room: Small Scale Co-op Sample#

See the following project releases for Boss Room.

v0.1.0Early Access

Boss Room: Small Scale Co-op Sample always requires the latest version of Unity MLAPI.

About Early Access

This project release is available for use. Support for this release is limited. We recommend asking questions and connecting with development through the #dev-samples channel on the Unity MLAPI Discord.


See the Documentation changelog for major updates to content and site development.