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Install MLAPI

Multiple methods are available to install the MLAPI package.

To install MLAPI, use the Unity Package Manager passing a git URL to the MLAPI release:

  1. Install Git if you do not have it installed on your PC. After installing Git, restart your system. A full restart is required to update for Git or you may receive an error adding packages.

  2. Open the Unity Package Manager by navigating to Window > Package Manager on Unity’s main menu.

  3. Click Add in the status bar.

    You have the following options:

    • Add package from disk...
    • Add package from tarball...
    • Add package from git URL...
  4. Select Add package from git URL...

  5. Enter the Git URL to the MLAPI release package. For example, for version 0.1.0, use this link:
    How to Copy

    We recommend that you use the Copy function in the code block above to copy the URL as other methods may result in errors. Just hover and click.

  6. Click Add.

    The following example walks through the Package Manager. Provide the correct release branch URL. installing MLAPI from Git URL

You have now installed MLAPI.

Next Steps#

See the following content to continue your journey using MLAPI:


Errors adding package

MacOS users may receive the following errors:

  • Cannot perform upm operation: Unable to add package... Error when executing git command. xcrun: error: invalid active developer path
  • Error adding package...

These are common errors for MacOS users that have not installed or updated Xcode or Xcode developer tools. You may need to upgrade your Xcode installation. In a terminal, use this command: xcode-select --install.

If you newly installed or updated Git, you may also need to restart your system. Restarting Unity may not be enough if you added Git and could receive a package loading error.