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About Bitesize Samples

The Bitesize Samples repository provides a series of sample code as modules to use in your games and better understand Unity MLAPI.

  • 2D Space Shooter Sample - Learn more about physics movement and status effects using MLAPI NetworkVariables and ObjectPooling.
  • Invaders Sample - Learn more about game flow, modes, unconventional movement networked, and a shared timer.


You need Unity and Unity MLAPI installed to work with these samples. See Install MLAPI for details.

Get the packages#

You can download the projects from the Bitesize Samples GitHub repo, adding them to your project and code.


Error building

Error: Error building Player: Currently selected scripting backend (IL2CPP) is not installed.

Currently, you may need to have Unity IL2CPP installed. Bitesize Samples should not require IL2CPP, and may have updates to resolve this error.