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Getting Started with MLAPI

Unity MLAPI is a high level networking library built for the Unity game engine to abstract networking. This allows developers to focus on the game rather than low level protocols and networking frameworks. All this is provided for free under the permissive MIT Licence by Unity and the MLAPI collaborators. MLAPI is open source with no attached costs or limitations, giving you the opportunity to develop features alongside Unity.

Unity MLAPIPrevious versions of MLAPI
See this guide to install Unity MLAPI, set up your project, and get started with your first networked game.

First Steps with Unity MLAPI
See this guide to install and use previous versions of MLAPI. These versions will be replaced with Unity MLAPI.

Previous Version Guide
Content Licenses

All MLAPI code and documentation is covered by MIT license. See Licenses for more information. Sample code may include links to GitHub code repositories.

Legacy Docs

For those looking for the MLAPI Documentation Pre 0.1.0 Unity release.

MLAPI pre-0.1.0 release documentation