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Used by NetworkSceneManager to determine if a server invoked scene event has started. The returned status is stored in the Unity.Netcode.SceneEventProgress.Status property. Note: This was formally known as SwitchSceneProgress which contained the . All s are now delivered by the OnSceneEvent event handler via the SceneEvent parameter.

Namespace: System.Dynamic.ExpandoObject#
Assembly: MLAPI.dll#
public enum SceneEventProgressStatus

InternalNetcodeErrorThis is used for internal error notifications. If you receive this event then it is most likely due to a bug. If you receive this event repeatedly, then please open a GitHub issue with steps to replicate
InvalidSceneNameReturned if the scene name used with LoadScene(String, LoadSceneMode) or UnloadScene(Scene)is invalid
NoneNo scene event progress status can be used to initialize a variable that will be checked over time.
SceneEventInProgressReturned if you try to start a new scene event before a previous one is finished
SceneFailedVerificationServer side: Returned if the VerifySceneBeforeLoading delegate handler returns false (i.e. scene is considered not valid/safe to load)
SceneNotLoadedReturned if you try to unload a scene that was not yet loaded
StartedThe scene event was successfully started