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Modular code that is bitesize!

Lori Krell

Lori Krell

Unity, Senior Tech Writer

As you begin learning MLAPI and building multiplayer games with Unity, you may need a little help. Something smaller and bitesize! Modular code is key.

We may have just the answer! Unity Multiplayer Bitesize Samples is a new repository giving you a library of modular projects to quickly develop your game. Each modular piece of code focuses on a different type of gameplay, game feature, options, and more while showcasing and dog-fooding Unity MLAPI code.

The Multiplayer Bitesize Samples respository is ready for you to clone and incorporate into your games. It supports Unity MLAPI 0.1.0 and Unity 2020.3.

What do I need to get started?#

You need Unity and Unity MLAPI installed to use these samples. Complete the Hello World Getting Started to prepare your environment. You can then access and use these samples to MLAPI in a more self-contained scenario.

What's available right now?#

Check out these bitesize samples to get started!

GitHub RepoGitHub Repo
  • Simple start, lobby, and finish flow with Unity MLAPI using Scene Management
  • Unconventional movement networked
  • Shared timer between clients in a client-sided predicted way
  • Server authorative physics based movement
  • Managing health and a list of buffs for your players in a multiplayer game
  • How to pool network objects such as bullets and asteroids to improve performance

Get connected!#

Visit and ⭐️ the Multiplayer Bitesize Samples respository. The project also welcomes contribution.

If you have questions and want to connect, check out the Unity Multiplayer forum or join us on Discord. We have channels for announcements, support, documentation, and development.

Game on!