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Boss Room 0.2.0 is live!

Lori Krell

Lori Krell

Unity, Senior Tech Writer

Thank you for your continued support for MLAPI and the Boss Room Small Scale Co-op Sample! We have released a new v. 0.2.0 release of Boss Room, using 0.1.0 experimental MLAPI.

In the past month, the team has delivered new features, optimizations, and numerous fixes and changes including the following highlights:

  • Updated and introduced various hero abilities, such as: Archer’s PowerShot which accounts for a duration that a key is pressed for or Rogue Dash that teleports the player to a target spot - to learn more about how to handle teleport-like abilities in a networked environment, please check out the DashAttackAction.cs - as well as Implementing a better cooldown solution and calculations.
  • Introduced static scene NetworkObjects, as well as implementing a ScriptableObject based event system to encapsulate events inside assets.
  • Increased the overall GPU performance of Boss Room by disabling GPU Skinning, enabling GPU instancing, turning off Cast Shadows for various prefabs, and more optimizations.
  • Updated the user interface in many places and refactored the Action Bar code to increase the extensibility without the need of having to manually modify the code in multiple areas.
  • Updated our GameNetPortal to properly handle Per-Connection state on client disconnect and Player connection if they experience a game-level connection failure - you can check out the ApprovalCheck function in our ServerGameNetPortal.cs.
  • Fixed various known issues from the previous release.

Find all details in our changelog and download the release from GitHub.

Have questions? Chat with us in the Multiplayer forums and Discord in the #dev-samples channel.