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Welcome to Unity Multiplayer Networking Docs

Lori Krell

Lori Krell

Unity, Senior Tech Writer

Welcome to the Unity Multiplayer Networking documentation site, where we support Open Source for code and docs!

This site is designed to provide you with the guides, references, APIs, tutorials, release notes, and more that you need to be successful with Unity Multiplayer features, including MLAPI and Transport. The blog goes further, highlighting announcements, featured contributions, team information, tips and tricks, and community spotlights.

We can’t wait to see what you create!

How do I provide feedback?#

We give you many options to send feedback on issues, missing content, requests for tutorials, submitting changes, and more.

Write ContentSubmit Feedback
Edit pages directly, generating a branch and PR right in GitHub. Click the Edit this page link found at the end of every doc page.
Edit Link
Submit feedback using the Log an issue link found at the end of every doc page or enter an issue through GitHub.
Open Issue

How do I contribute?#

Being Open Source, this doc site welcomes all contributions including typo fixes, new content, and tutorials. Contribute by cloning, forking or branching, writing content, and submitting a PR.

The Contribution Guide helps you get started:

  • Clone the repo.
  • Create a fork or branches.
  • Write content.
  • Work with Markdown.
  • Submit PRs for consideration.

Once you are done, our doc team will review your submissions, provide feedback, and help get the content added to navigation and the site!

Doc Process

What's under the hood?#

The documentation is written in Markdown with MDX and HTML support. See the Contribution Guide and template sample to learn more about options and features available when writing content.

The site builds using the following Open Source tools:

logoDocusaurus v2Static documentation site generator using all Markdown and media files in this site, including content and blog.
Static site generation and conversion used for the API reference content. All source code is generated into a static site then converted into Markdown.
logoAlgoliaAlgolia with an Open Source plan provides all search indexing and capabilities for this site.

What to expect!#

Documentation will update as needed and with releases. We follow CI/CD processes to submit, review, and publish updates and content, per feedback, submitted issues, and as development releases new packages.

We look forward to holding Doc-A-Thon events, highlighting contributors, and much more to deliver the content you need and want. Contact us on Discord in the Documentation channel and through our GitHub repo.

Let's get started!